Who am I?

In my professional life photography and music are two things i’m taking seriously.
Here I write about everything that happens in my life as a photographer and music journalist.

Me at Bospop festival 2013 by Gingertail
Me at Bospop festival 2013, a photo by Gingertail on Flickr.

I am working as a freelance photographer with private clients and in press primarily for the  Russian music magazine called Inrock, also for Metalkings.ru and, of course, directly with bands and musicians.
I do pictures, write reports and make interviews.

I also do portrait photography (children, women, men, family), corporate, editorial, event photography and even flowers. Besides I sell fine art prints and stock image licensing for my own work, mostly travel, cityscapes, nature & events.

Gingertail. Get yours at bighugelabs.com

If you like my pictures & wanna show them to others, please, note that all of them are copyrighted (c) Katerina Mezhekova, so can be reproduced and/or disclosed publicly in any way only after my written permission and with this exact copyright & link to my flickr page/this blog.

If you are interested in my works, have any ideas I can help you with and for any further information – feel free to contact me!

photoagenda @ gmail.com

Everyday I’m trying to catch the reflections of magic and happiness in life. I’m searching my true self endlessly, so here is only one of the mirrors… I’m interested in what do you see in it, so your polite comments of any kind are highly appreciated!

Mostly I’m willing to donate my pictures to a publication, organization or event, but here’s the deal: If you represent a true non-profit, charitable organization that does not have an operating budget and represents an idea that I personally support, then I will consider donating image usage for your cause.

If your organization is either a for-profit or a non-profit with an operating budget (meaning you pay for your salaries, utilities, print advertising, etc.), then I will be more than happy to sell you non-exclusive, limited use rights for most of my images displayed within my flickr portfolio. I share really a lot, but at the same time photography is what I do for a living :)))

But there are lots of pictures that are yet not here on display. So if you’re looking for smth, after searching through my tags, feel free to contact me to an email above.


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