Interview: Beth Hart – Peace Within Myself

It’s been almost 2 years since my first interview with Beth. At that time I went to Europe and she was on my “must-see” list for Guitare en Scene festival in France. We instantly connected and talked openly about many things. I can admit, I am  impressed by the power of Beth’s character and by the beauty of her soul. So this interview still looks relevant and very important…Don’t miss Beth on April 3th at GlavClub in Moscow!

This interview was originally published in №56 (6, 2012) InRock music magazine (Russia) and can be also found here Please, be so kind to quote with credits 🙂

Beth Hart at Guitare en SceneBeth Hart at Guitare en SceneBeth Hart at Guitare en SceneBeth Hart at Guitare en SceneBeth Hart at Guitare en Scene
…we had a chance to meet Beth in person at “Guitare en Scene” festival in France. Beth, as emotional and charming in real life as in her music, open and frank, almost ready to hug you for a good question, talked to us about her life and her beautiful music.

Beth cares to establish deep understanding with her audience, and isn’t it something that deep that every true artist strives for?! And we must say she truly succeeded in in this. Her previous album “Don’t Explain”, a gorgeous selection of covers for soul & blues classics, recorded together with well-known guitarist Joe Bonamassa, achieved all possible awards and won critics’ applause. Beth’s new CD “Bang Bang Boom Boom” out in October. We are more than sure it should repeat the success of the previous one. Besides this time it’s not covers, but all-original material written by Beth. We talked to Beth about how “Don’t Explain” has changed her, about the energy and inspiration beneath the new record, about who and what supports her every waking hour, and surely, why blues is the best cure for love. Meet one and only – Beth Hart.

To see your set live was one of my special goals for Guitare en Scene festival, along with ZZ Top. And I really hope there would soon be the day when you come to Russia. That would be really cool, if you come together with Joe Bonamassa or on your solo tour!
Oh, thank you! Thank you! Oh, yes, I hope so too! And I think that this or next year it will happen. I’d been hearing from my label, that we might come in the next 6 months or smth like that. And that would be really amazing, because I’ve never been to Russia.

Beth Hart interviewBeth Hart at Guitare en SceneBeth Hart interview

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