Annihilator – Feast in Moscow

It was November 9, 2013. I was waiting for this gig for several months, since Feast was released. The album is special for me for being absolutely classic good old thrash music “like 30 years ago”. I’ve seen Jeff Waters at MusikMesse Frankfurt recently, as he played many many times his new stuff like Deadlock, for example, I’ve just realized I can’t get tired of this music. It´s so substantial and tasty, you feel like after a good work-out in the mountains.
Annihilator, Feast in Moscow
That gig was also special for having worst journalist nightmare interview experience. I was anticipating the talking for 3 months. On the day of the gig, I was almost in hospital being absolutely ill and 100% painkillers, running to the gig after a video shooting with a very nice folk band (the girls had revived me!) . But in the tightest schedule Jeff had, we only had 10 minutes totally on the run. It was blitz-interview backstage with warm-up band already playing really loud. Jeff was very professional and did his press job with patience and care. But in such circumstances you can only ask simple things and get short simple answers. I was longing for a more calm and relaxed talk, so I was feeling completely down. It’s only recently, on the Musikmesse, that we had a chance to record part 2 for the interview and talk in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere, though on the run again))

Annihilator, Feast in Europe. Volta club, Moscow, Russia. November 9, 2013. Photo by Katerina Mezhekova for InRock.

Jeff Waters and me, after the interview. Annihilator, Feast in Europe. Volta club, Moscow, Russia. November 9, 2013. Photo by Dave Padden ;)))

The report by Dmitriy Dasov from this gig is here –

These pictures are not a full report, only some highlights! Have a look…

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Hey there!

Me at Bospop festival 2013 by Gingertail
Me at Bospop festival 2013, a photo by Gingertail on Flickr.

It´s time to get started… Too much going on in my life in very different spheres to keep silent about. I feel I need a blog to keep and share my memories, high moments, low moments and everythig else that pops out and touches me.

Photography and music will be here as they prevail in my life now.

I have no strict rules about language here. Sorry from both sides. There will be posts in English and there will be posts in Russian. As most of my work is published in Russian press, I truly hope google translate will help you)))