Reckless Love, first time in Moscow

Reckless Love are step by step building a solid reputation among the bands of the new wave of hair-metal. They are not that provocative as Steel Panther (recently seen in Moscow too), not that crazy, but they deliver a good show, packed with hits, energy boosting rhythms and balls to the wall vibe (common, it’s still metal..of some kind, but good rock for sure).
Reckless Love in Moscow, Olli Herman

The audience loves them and doesn’t dare to miss a second of the show, dutifully singing along (surprisingly, widely consists of men over 30! I thought there would be just teens & girls). Hard to believe Reckless Love are in Moscow for the first time and happy to notice they are met by fans here with an utmost hospitality. There were girls with white and red roses, which they throw on stage in admiration. There were girls holding paper posters in Finnish “Welcome to Russia”. Now the band is touring from one European festival to another, which means, they will come to Russia next time even more experienced! Or you can go always go to the bands native Finland to see them (and many other good bands) in full glow.
Reckless Love in Moscow
I thought glam-metal would never come back or not that soon (80s were not that long ago or is it just me?!), being a feature of it’s own time, but it is clear as day, that among the listeners such music is in demand! Good, what can I say! Being the fan of a bit of “stronger stuff”, I´m still glad, as long as the audience is happy and the music has quality. Hey, that´s what music is and should be: diverse and impressive, making us feel the life and enjoy it! So I hope you emjoy the pics, as I did making them…

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Thank you Eventation for accreditation and bringing the band to Russia!

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Steel Panther @ Theatre club, Moscow

Steel Panther in Moscow

Больше веселого угара и свободного полета хаэра, нецензурного глэма, леопардовых лосин и розового блеска! Так я думала в ожидании шоу Стальных Пантер…Этот концерт был долгожданным: давно хотелось поснимать эту команду ради того, чтобы вдоволь поржать над эстетикой восьмидесятнического хаэр-метала. Меня не смущало их специфическое чувство юмора, стриптиз на сцене и разудалая похабщина – все это как бы укладывалось в стеб над глэмом.  В такого рода жанре грань so bad it´s good, то есть хорошего вкуса в стёбе, вычерчивается столь филигранно, что ты восхишаешься тем, насколько все ужасно…(Больше слов и фото в продолжении поста чуть ниже!)

Michael Starr, Steel Panther in Moscow
Steel Panther @ Theatre club, Moscow – February 22, 2014

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